Woocommerce Field to Field Sync -Field Types Protocol and Best Practices

Revenue Conduit has some additional fields outside of the default fields that we sync automatically, that are made available via Shopify API.  We have created a field to field sync feature that will allow you to map custom fields to your marketing platform.  It is imperative that you use the appropriate field types when creating custom fields in your marketing platform if you want the data to sync up properly.

Below you will see the naming convention used in Revenue Conduit for the available fields.  Next to that name, we have included the field type you will need to use to create the matching field type in your marketing platform. 


Contact Fields:

Customer Id: Single-line text field

Customer Last Order Date: Date field

Customer Order Count: Single-line text field

Customer Username: Single-line text field

Gravatar URL: Single-line text field

Last Order ID: Single-line text field

Total Amount Spent: Single-line text field


Store Fields:

Currency: Single-line text field

Customer ID: Single-line text field

Customer IP Address: Single-line text field

Customer User-Agent: Single-line text field

Customer Order Notes: Single-line text field

List of Used Shipping Methods: Single-line text field

Order Cart Tax: Single-line text field

Order Number: Single-line text field

Order Shipping Tax: Single-line text field

Order Shipping Total:  Single-line text field         

Order Tax Total: Single-line text field

Order Total Discount: Single-line text field

Payment Method ID: Single-line text field

Payment Method Title: Single-line text field

Store Order URL: Single-line text field

Total Order Items: Single-line text field

Transaction ID: Single-line text field


****For more information on our Field to Field Sync Feature, please see one of the following articles below:




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