Coupon Code Syncing

Coupon Code Syncing allows you to create a Tag with the same name as a coupon code used during the purchase, as well as sync the coupon code name to a custom field on the Order Record. For this feature to work, you must first create a coupon code(s) in your shopping cart. Once you create the coupon code(s), you can either wait until it is used for the Tag to be automatically created in Infusionsoft, or you can create the Tag yourself using the same name as the Coupon Code. To take advantage of populating the name of the coupon code used during a transaction to the Infusionsoft Order Record, follow these steps to create the custom field:

  1. Go the Admin -> Settings
  2. In the “Set up custom fields for” dropdown, pick Order and click “Go”
  3. On the next screen, click Add
  4. Name the field Coupon Code
  5. Click Save
  6. Once you have done this, click the link “View field database names for the api” link
  7. Copy the database name for the custom field
  8. Copy the database name into the field area in the Coupon Code field area


  1. Segment campaigns based on whether or not your contact has a coupon code Tag indicating whether they have used the coupon code or not.
  2. Track the ROI of coupon codes by using the application of the Tag as the Conversion Goal.
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