Infusionsoft RC Settings: Newsletter Optin Syncing

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With Revenue Conduit, you can apply an Infusionsoft Tag to put your customer on a newsletter list by one of the following methods:

1) When they opt in to receive marketing during the checkout process or;

2) When updating their profile to receive marketing while being logged into their store account.

Note: This does not connect to the default sign up form on your store (usually in your site footer).  We recommend creating an Infusionsoft webform in conjunction to the Infusionsoft tag to "replace" the storefront webform on your site.

Please note that this feature is not available for BigCommerce customers since BigCommerce does not make this setting available via the API :(

Here are the steps necessary to set up Newsletter Optin Syncing:

  1. If you already have a Tag designated for your newsletter:
  2. Login to Infusionsoft 
  3. Hover over the Infusionsoft logo and under Customers click on Settings
  4. In the left column, click on Tags
  5. Click "Add Tag"
  6. Create the Tag
  7. Note the Tag ID after you create it. On your list of Tags, the Tag ID will be be available in the left most column
  8. Login to Revenue Conduit at
  9. Click on your Infusionsoft application on the left side
  10. Click on "Settings"
  11. Find the Newsletter Tag ID field and input the Tag ID of your newsletter choice
  12. Click "Submit"

It is important to note that when Revenue Conduit creates a contact in Infusionsoft, the contact’s email status is listed as unconfirmed. This allows you to still send emails to the contact whether or not they have specifically stated they would like to receive your newsletter during checkout or when updating their profile in your shopping cart. 

Please be sure to consider Infusionsoft’s email policies and your own policies and terms of service to ensure that you’re in compliance.

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