Infusionsoft RC Settings: Account Creation Automation

Account Creation Automation Settings - When a new Account is created in your Shopping cart, you can set up these various automation triggers to start Infusionsoft automation.

  • Account Creation Tag - Applies an Infusionsoft tag you specify when a new Account is created in your Shopping Cart. Insert the ID Number of the particular tag you want to use. Navigating to the Infusionsoft Tag editor where you can Find the ID Numbers is located in this article
  • Account Creation API Call - This is used to trigger Goals in Infusionsoft campaigns. It sends an Infusionsoft API call phrase you specify when a new Accounts is created in your Shopping Cart. Here's Infusionsoft's article with a section that discusses API Call goal methods in campaigns.
  • Account Creation Follow-Up Sequence - (LEGACY Infusionsoft feature) Initiates Legacy Infusionsoft functionality, if you use an older Infusionsoft Follow-Up Sequence (FUS) in your marketing. You'd put the ID Number of the FUS in this field and save the settings in order to trigger that FUS whenever a new Account is created in your Shopping Cart. Infusionsoft's Help Center doesn't have accessible articles on this feature, so contact Infusionsoft support for finding your FUS ID Number if you need help.

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