Infusionsoft Campaign: New Lead Welcome & Conversion

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We do not offer support for our Infusionsoft Marketing System outside of this Knowledge Base documentation. All Marketing System functionality is built off of standard Infusionsoft functionality. You can view our full Level of Service Agreement, here. For any data-sync issues, immediately contact:

Quick Overview (6min) - Version 3.2.0

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Detailed Dive (18min) - Version 3.2.0

This Infusionsoft campaign is completely built on standard Infusionsoft functionality. Although you can learn all you need from working with Infusionsoft's Knowledgebase articles and support, here's a deeper overview so that you can understand how best to launch this campaign, based on our experience working with hundreds of online retailers.



The Video Below is for Version 2 of this campaign (the campaign title says V1, but it's actually the 2nd major release of this campaign)

Want to upgrade to our newest Infusionsoft Marketing System version? We build a $500 eCommerce-centric Campaign and Dashboard system for free with every new Revenue Conduit subscription. We revise this system at least once a year, so if you’re not on the newest version that’s referenced in these Knowledge Base articles, please check out the upgrade options for your business.
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