HS Workflow 01A & 01B: MQL Capture, Nurture & Conversion

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This Article covers the Revenue Conduit Workflow(s) in your Hubspot account with the following full name(s): 

  • Revenue Conduit 01A: WF1: Promotion Delivery - MQL Capture, Nurture & Conversion v1.1
  • Revenue Conduit 01B: WF2: Promotion Followup - MQL Capture, Nurture & Conversion v1.1

VIDEO UPDATE NOTE: In this video the original name of these workflows was "New Lead Capture, Nurture, & Conversion". We've since switched the name to "MQL Capture, Nurture, & Conversion" to better reflect Hubspot's Lifecycle Stages.

Note: Even though it's referenced in the video we no longer create the workflow "Revenue Conduit 01C: WF3: Long-Term Lead Nurture v1.1" in our Marketing System because we deemed it as adding unnecessary complexity. If you want to have it however, you can manually Create a new Standard Workflow with the following criteria:
  • Name the Workflow "Revenue Conduit 01C: WF3: Long-Term Lead Nurture v1.1"
  • Keep re-enrollment disabled
  • Under Settings, enable the Workflow to only run during certain times of the day and on business days
  • Add the action to Delay for 7 days
  • Make the Goal of the workflow "Contact is a member of" the Smart List titled "01: MQL, Nurture & Conversion - Converted Contact"
  • Make contacts enroll into this Workflow automatically by entering into a Smart List called "Long-Term Leads", which you will also have to create, as specified below.

How to create the "Long-Term Leads" Smart List that's used as an enrollment criteria in this workflow:

  • Create a Smart List titled "Long-Term Leads"
  • Add in the Property Criteria "Became a Marketing Qualified Lead Date" and "was more than 30 days ago"
  • Then select AND under the criteria
  • Then add in the List Membership criteria of "Contact is not member of list 04: Customers"
  • Save the Smart List and set it as the enrollment criteria for this workflow

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