Integrations: Connect BigCommerce

Set up Bigcommerce Store in Revenue Conduit:

  1. Log in to your Revenue Conduit Account
  2. Click on the name of your Marketing Platform under the Dashboard then click on "Add Marketing Application" (choose either Infusionsoft, Hubspot or ActiveCampaign)
  3. After adding your Marketing Platform, click the 'Connect Shopping Cart' link
  4. On the next screen that appears, choose Big Commerce
  5. A list of fields should appear: Store Name, API User, API Key
  6. To find the values that go into these fields, we must create a new user in Bigcommerce with access to the API
  7. Open a new browser window or tab and follow the instructions below to create the user. We will need to switch back and forth from BigCommerce admin pages to Revenue Conduit admin pages, so keep both windows open.

Create a User for the API

  1. Log in to your shop's administration section
  2. On the top right, click 'Users'
  3. Click "Create a User Account"
  4. Fill in the User Details section to create a new user (be sure to use a strong password)
  5. Copy the Username field and paste into the "API User" field in Revenue Conduit.
  6. Choose 'Store Administrator' for the Permission Level.
  7. Near the bottom of the page, check 'Enable API'
  8. The 'API Path' should appear with the format https://[your-store] -- just copy the [your-store] portion of the path and paste into the "Store Name" field in Revenue Conduit
  9. The API Key should be copied and pasted as-is into the "API Key" field in Revenue Conduit
  10. After all the fields are completed, click "Save" to save the new user you are editing
  11. On the Revenue Conduit page, click "Submit" after all fields have been filled in
  12. Lastly, click "Connect" on the Revenue Conduit page after the fields are saved.
  13. If the connection was successful, the page should say: Successfully connected to Bigcommerce store but to test your connection, we recommend placing a test order or test customer from your BigCommerce store and then checking to see if the contact was created in your Marketing platform.


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