Integrations: Connect WooCommerce

Note: We require at least 2.2 for the integration

Find the Store URL, Consumer Key and Consumer Secret:

  1. The Store URL is the domain where where wordpress and the WooCommerce are installed.
  2. The Store URL must use SSL (start with 'https').
  3. To find the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret follow these instructions:
    • Open a new browser tab/window and be sure to keep the current tab open so that you can come back to it.
    • Log in to your Woocommerce administration section.
    • Navigate to the wordpress user administration screen by clicking on "Users" in the wordpress main menu.
    • Choose the user that you would like to use for the API or create a new user.
    • Once on the edit user screen, scroll to find the WooCommerce API Keys section.
    • Check the Generate API Key checkbox and click the Update Profile button.
    • Now that the keys have been generated, you should see two keys and a new checkbox, in place of the “Generate API Key” checkbox.
    • These are your Consumer Key, Consumer Secret.
    • Copy the Consumer Key and paste into the Consumer Key field on this page.
    • On the wordpress edit profile page there is also a permissions select box to control the level of access this API key possesses.
    • Change the permissions select box to 'Read/Write'.
    • Click "Update Profile".
    • Now that all the fields on this page are filled, click connect.

Other Requirements:

Download the zip file for the Wordpress Plugin HERE

To Install the Plugin, follow the steps below:

1. Go to Plugins page
2. Click "Add New"
3. Click "Upload Plugin"
4. Under the section "If you have a plugin in a .zip format, you may install it by uploading it here." click "Choose File"
5. Choose the zip file RevenueConduit_Woocommerce-1.*.*.zip
6. Click "Install Now"
7. Once installed, click "Activate Plugin"


Connection Issues?

Please check the following:

  1. WooCommerce 2.1 or newer must be used.
  2. The WooCommerce REST API must be enabled:
    • To enable the REST API within WooCommerce, visit the WooCommerce > Settings > General tab and check the Enable REST API checkbox.
  3. Pretty Permalinks must be enabled. (Note: They are probably already enabled. Learn More).


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